Monday, November 7, 2011


I called the embassy for an update today. Or rather, I called the immigrant visa call center. Not sure where they're located but it's neither the US nor El Salvador. I know they're just doing their jobs but every single question I asked her she had to put me on hold and go ask someone else. And then come back with some vague response. I asked if there had been any updates. She said in order to begin the waiver process I need to send in PROOF OF RESIDENCY. I asked what I should send in. She put me on hold. You can send in a copy of your passport. Since when does a passport prove any kind of residency? The clincher is I can't mail this stuff myself, it can only be mailed from a specific Cargo Express office in San Salvador. So M will have to hand carry it there which means another trip to San Salvador.

Then I asked her when we were getting his passport back. They said two weeks and it's been four. She said they would send a request for information to the embassy and to call back in 3-4 weeks for an update.  In the meantime, M is checking on getting a second passport and possibly getting his visa for Spain reissued. But really I'm just hoping that this all gets squared away soon.

In other news I've become addicted to tv. Fringe, Parks & Rec, Community, Glee, Modern Family, Mad Men… The slingbox is the greatest invention EVER.


rubireyes said...

What a huge pain in the you know what. Almost like they take pleasure in the suffering. Hang in there, it will all work out. Keeping you in my prayers...

Dulce de Wendy said...

I just read your posting. Are you filing with or without legal assitance? In my situation, we needed a lawyer. It was helpful as she broke down what documents were needed. If you have any questions about the process feel free to contact me.
All the best,

jules said...

Thanks Wendy, I appreciate it. I do have a lawyer, she's faxed the consulate but hasn't heard anything back from them either.

Raquel M said...

Hello Jules,
I got your message that you left on my blog. I read down through a few of your blogs. There is a huge community of women if you would like to join us online. You may get your questions to your legal issues answered and some support as we are all being pulled by the horse over sharp objects as well LOL What a trip right? All for love. Please contact me at and I will get you with our group. Have an awesome morning. Take care.
Raquel Magana

cathybean said...

Isn't red tape great! Still hoping it gets resolved soon :)


Kelsey said...

I don't understand. They want proof of residency for the US?