Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today was a better day

Monday was awful. I was coming off of a crappy weekend. My gramma passed away. I didn’t feel like preparing for my classes. I left an important paper at the school with an appointment time on it and I showed up 3 hours early and was told to come back. Then I went home and called the US embassy in San Salvador to find out what the deal is. Calling the embassy really means calling a call center where you will talk to someone who doesn’t really know anything more than you do and paying $1.87 per minute for the privilege. I hung up from this asshole feeling beyond frustrated and I just had a little breakdown. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. I’m sick of waiting. Why does the waiver even need to be submitted in person?? Why do they still have my husband’s passport?? I have reached the point where I’m willing to sacrifice a little bit of money so I can get M here asap. Hopefully we hear something soon but if not, once he gets that passport, I think he will just fly out here and have to fly back again to submit the waiver. I haven’t seen M in a month and I know that’s nothing compared to the separation that some families go through but the only thing separating us is a plane ticket. And that passport, which hopefully he’ll get back soon.

Today however, was not bad. I gave a little presentation about Halloween to my classes and a crossword puzzle and they ate it up. The teachers loved it and now I have a proven formula for Thanksgiving, Christmas, MLK, President’s Day, etc. I’m starting to feel more comfortable here; today I pulled out my ipod for the first time since I got here for my walk to my tutoring session. I don’t know, I just felt good today and I want M here so we can feel good together. You know how they say, god only gives you what you can handle? I think if things here had been even slightly more difficult, I would have already thrown in the towel. Some people might call that “quitting”, I prefer the phrase “cutting my losses”. Fortunately, a lot of things worked out really well for me, like being picked up from the train by my landlord and being driven directly to an apartment I didn’t have to find myself or being walking distance to my school, the grocery store, and the internet café. Shoot, I could even walk to IKEA if I was feeling ambitious. The coordinating teacher I work with has been amazing. It is scary how much she looks like Jennifer Aniston. I wish I could take a picture and show you all. I think I might even be ready to pick up the camera and take a few pictures of Oviedo so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Well....good to hear that today was a great day!

I'm watching channel four and it looks like Golden, Colorado is not having such a great day - snow and snowplows!!!

Makes me want to move to Florida just watching the white stuff on TV!!


vicky said...

the first days are always the hardest I hope it only gets better! M. will be with you soon and isn't it amazing how listening to music while walking can totally lift your spirits and put a pep in your step. but I gotta know...what romantic love ballad in spanish were you listening to so I can youtube it and make fun of you..only because I love you and miss you.

jules said...

It was no Luis Fonsi power ballad but it was a love song, check it out

I can see you gagging but I love this song!

Dad said...

Separation is so difficult, I do remember. Immersing yourself in your work and activities certainly helps. But not completely, but it helps. Keep up the blogging….your Aunts love it. Your mom was right, it did snow on Wednesday. We had 6” at our place, and it was beautiful.