Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Half a tour

I always meant to post a tour of the house in El Salvador. It's just that it was pretty much impossible to upload video there. And I spent a lot of time being hot and sweaty and in a general state of not wanting to move. Which doesn't sound that much different from here actually. Anyway, I started a a video but I at the end you hear a noise, that's the water guy at the gate and I got flustered and stopped the video and never went back and finished. You guys will have to wait until next summer for the rest of the tour but I can at least give you the first half now.

Just to explain, normally all that furniture is inside that door to the left which is the living room but they were installing tile floors so everything is outside in the corredor, or kind of like an open-air covered porch area. Also, the water looks cloudy in the video but it's just got a lot of oxygen in it. Or at least that's my un-sciency way of explaining it.

House tour - part 1 from ordinary life on Vimeo.


Dad said...

I love that courtyard. I can see why you all hang-out there, regardless of the fact that it is probably hotter than the dickens inside during the summer. And to think you have dinner running around the streets also. (guess people would get upset if their chickens started disappearing)

Kelsey said...

That was great, even if it's incomplete ;) I always love seeing other people's houses in ES and how they differ to ours.