Thursday, August 4, 2016


Write, Travel, Relax, Laugh
1.    Pay off student loan
2.    Save money
3.    Finish house projects
4.    Get fired spectacularly
5.    Live abroad
a.   Study languages
b.   Take pictures
c.    Build a house
For years now, I have been telling my friends that I want to build myself a tiny house. I have a shed in the backyard of my house that has electricity and I wanted to renovate it into a tiny house I could live in and rent out the main house. My friends thought I was nuts and then, tiny houses became a thing.
For me it was always about security, that I would always have someplace to go, someplace to land. That I could go off and travel and if I ran out of money then I could always come back to my tiny house. Even better, would be if I could have one tiny house in Mexico and one in Spain. And Maybe another in Canada. Dreams. 

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