Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Bucket List

I've seen these lists on other blogs and always thought they were cute so I thought I'd make myself a little summer to-do list. I also thought if I post it here it might make me a little more accountable for trying to do these things instead of wasting the summer away working. 

ride my bike on the C & O canal path
take a tour of dc monuments at night
try white water rafting in WV
eat ice cream at Miller Farm
Eat crabs
go camping at Assateague Island
visit Art Museums
take the canoe on the water
buy sparklers for 4th of July
go to a movie at a theater
take a girls trip
make homemade ice cream
eat a cheesesteak in Philadelphia
make churros
read 5 books
take pictures, print and frame them
find a place to go stargazing
take a road trip
learn how to grill
visit the Hirshhorn sculpture garden
find Einstein monument
eat at a place that's been on Food Network
try to blog once a week
build a tiny house


Cat said...

Hi Jules,

I too live in the metro dc area. Be sure when you go camping at Assateague to take plenty of bug spray and make sure your tent doesn't have any holes in the screen - bugs are insane there for some reason


jules said...

No, you're right, I've heard that before too. We went last year but it was after summer, like late September and not a lot of bugs but it was super windy.