Wednesday, May 2, 2012

feel better

I was cleaning out my drawer and found this "to do" list for my time here in Spain. It's from November 27, 2011 and while the only thing I can cross off the list is feel better, I can definitively say, I feel much better these days. 

feel better


Dad said...

Jules, I am very glad to hear you say that you are feeling much better. I guess you are in the process of getting ready to start packing up and heading home. Getting rid of all those things you really do not want to haul half way around the world. Not sure what the last thing on your list is, but I guess it really does not matter if you didn’t get to it. Love you dear and we’ll see ya when you get home. --Dad

Traci said...

I love that you scratched that off your list:)

Krystal Loverin said...

Did you write your list on top of a recipe? That's one way to be frugal, ha ha. I have a million lists and I love to look back on them. In my journal, I use the blank page on the left to write down my daily list of things I want to do. It helps keep me on track and I love to check things off when I get done.

What is intercambrio? I tried to learn Portuguese and I sucked at it! My Spanish is fabulous but I'm always trying to get better. Saving money...always! Grad school, I don't know yet...too much pressure that I'm not ready for, lol.


julie said...

I did write on top of a recipe for borscht lol

intercambio is like a language exchange or a conversation partner

I should try to blog more