Saturday, July 9, 2011


I took a little video tour of the house for you guys but it's so big that I can't get it uploaded without the internet disconnecting. We have what is essentially cell phone internet, like an aircard, where we plug this little usb modem into the computer and it has a sim card in it. It will lose the signal and then you have to reconnect. It's mostly annoying for uploading, otherwise it's sufficient. I mostly get 3g speeds, it's just not consistent.

We sent M's police certificate off to the lawyer (DHL $53!) and we should hear about his appointment in about 2 months. Fingers crossed we get the appointment in early September. Or at least notice of it. I don't know if I mentioned it before but when I went to pick up my visa at the Spanish Consulate before we left, it had been denied. Luckily it was just a mistake and I should get that soon and then we can apply for M's visa here.

Considering how inexpensive it is here, we sure have spent a TON of money. Stuff adds up quickly and I'm now hesitant to do too much traveling because I don't want to blow through our savings before we even get to Spain. BUT, I would like to visit Copan Ruinas and Roatan in Honduras and maybe Corn Island in Nicaragua. A trip to Costa Rica might be necessary too because my 90 day tourist visa will expire September 12 and I have to leave the CA-4 (Guatemala, El Salv, Honduras, and Nicaragua) for 3 days before I can come back in for another 90 days. There are places in El Salvador I want to see too but after the trip to San Salvador, I feel a little burnt out. The buses here are old school buses. I'm just too tall for these buses I guess, my knees literally DO NOT FIT behind the seat in front of me and I'm not anxious to repeat the 3 hour trip again.


matt said...

can you email me the video? how big is it?

Dad said...

You're going to all the places I want to visit. Rose and I were going to do a Western Caribbean cruise visiting Belize and Roatan, but had to cancel when we decided to remodel our kitchen instead. Sucks, but I did hate our old kitchen. Keep having fun. Love you….