Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'd catch a granadilla for you

So the bathroom as most of you know is an outhouse or latrine. It's not that bad, the one at our house has a toilet seat on top of the concrete "toilet". So we were visiting M's niece's house and I knew I couldn't make it home, I would have to use her bathroom. It was dark out and she gave me a key because they keep their's locked because they have some materials stored in there. By this time I had held it so long I was about to pee myself and I had my flashlight lighting the way in front of me (pointed at the ground) as I ran to the bathroom when BOOM!!

I was attacked by a low hanging fruit. This green fruit is a granadilla and it hit me right in the forehead! Yesterday she brought us a ripe one but we haven't tried it yet. Now I've never seen this fruit before but google seems to think it's a passion fruit. It doesn't look like the passion fruits on wikipedia but there's a picture of a similar one on this wiki page.


matt said...


vicky said...

"I was attacked by a low hanging fruit."


Dad said...

Maybe I should send you one of the head lamps that I have for camping. Of course, you still have to look up periodically. Hmmmm…is it better to step in a hole or get attached by low hanging fruit???? I guess if you are on the way to the latrine, looking down is probably better…just in case….